First chapper is an overview of the state of the art to generate B2B leads.

We are going to make a global review from outbound traditional methods as ads, calling o emailing to the most modern use of social networks for employee advocacy, content marketing, and social selling, the basis of Inbound Marketing.

B2B lead generation is, as most things in life, about balancing between scalability and effectivity, between massive and personal, and this is the perspective we will take.

The Transformation of Enterprise Sales

To choose your Go to Market strategy you have to know your customer well. That is what is going to decide whether you need a Marketing lead organization or a Sales lead one. And that will impact the use of available channels outbound or inbound

Publicity and Ads; Scalable & Predictable but ineffective

Advertisement is being the traditional main method to “deliver” your message to get new customers. But for B2B is a saturated channel, out of focus from your target and on top of everything … a very expensive one 

Sales Force ; The Good, the Ugly and the no-go

Sales is the best way to convey your message to your customers. Always . The only question is whether it scales and is economically feasible to do so. Often the prospecting part gets outsourced to be able to scale but this is a fundamental error. The essence of sales is trust and that must start at the very beginning of the relationship with the client. The problem with cold calling is not the calling but the cold

Email & Marketing Automation .. be careful ¡

Emailing is cheap and scale well but the cost is your brand damage. To automate things only makes sense if you are able to truly segment your prospects by their interest.

Most of the talk about Inbound Marketing has been done by Marketing Automation vendors but Inbound is not only Marketing Automation. Actually, most of the marketing automation platforms are not lead generation tools but nurturing tools of already attracted leads

Social Media & Employee advocacy

The “social” part in social media, is about people and thus is not easily outsourced or automated

You can get a network effect, similar to “virality” if you use your employee network as ambassadors. And if is well done it will reach your target in a much more impactful way

May Social Selling save Sales?

Social selling is not about using a single tool o Linkedin. Is a systematic approach to using the technology available to be more personal and efficient with the customer interactions.